May is Mental Health Month | New Perspective Counseling

This year marks the first officially recognized Mental Health Month in the United States. The aim of this endeavor is to support the long-running awareness initiative by Mental Health America to shine a spotlight on the critical role our mental health plays in physical and social health. All our worlds move within and around our internal climate; the work you do and the life you live are directly influenced by the thoughts and feelings that shape you. 

The theme of #BacktoBasics asks us to look at what we need in our lives, relationships and communities to reconnect with our mental health and thrive. 

It can be scary to ask for help 

Though public opinion continues to soften toward mental health, the thought of reaching out can still be an overwhelming prospect. Taking the first steps toward making it your reality can be the most difficult, which is why we put every step at the center of our therapeutic mission. 

We hope you join us in taking the name of our practice literally. New Perspective Counseling is here to help you gain new insight and re-write your relationship with the way you view yourself. Unpacking the scary feelings can help you to determine what part of healing scares you most. 

Then, you can prioritize the shift in perspective to make therapy work for you. Make no mistake: this is your therapy. Your healing, your space. We are here to support you along the way. 

Therapy, your way

Are you just beginning to explore the idea of coming to therapy, or are you an old hat ready to return for a renewal on the hard work you’ve already done? The thing about therapy is: you’re never done – and that isn’t a bad thing. 

Your mental health is a lifelong commitment, just like your physical health. Going to therapy can be short-term focusing in one facet of your life but it may also be a maintenance relationship you strive to keep consistent. Likewise, your therapeutic needs may be a combination of the two or somewhere in between. 

Mental health is not static

And you shouldn’t be expected to be either. Whether you are wrestling with daily anxiety or navigating a difficult transition, your needs may shift or change as new twists and turns make themselves a part of your journey. Take some comfort in knowing that there is no obligation for you to remain on the path you see now, and if things change, we can help you adjust as well. At New Perspective Counseling, we use a variety of modalities and have clinicians with diverse backgrounds in order to facilitate meeting your needs no matter how they evolve. 

3 tips to support your mental health this May 

Mental health and healing both benefit immensely from small steps you can take consistently, so consider one (or more!) of these tips to help you make strides that suit you on your journey. 

1. Do something you’re good at 

Are you great at crosswords? Able to say your ABCs backward? Maybe you regularly impress yourself by putting your socks on while standing on one foot. Maybe it’s one of these small victories, or maybe you can allow yourself to feel especially proud of the way you’ve been shining at work lately. 

Whatever it is, prioritize at least a little time each day to reinforce your confidence by doing something that makes you feel proud of your skills and adds some positive reinforcement to your day. 

2. Start a journal 

Journaling has been shown to have a positive impact on your mental health and the especially great thing about it is that you can’t do it wrong. There are many types of journals, and you can choose to do it in whatever format suits you best. From longhand in a notebook to the notes on your phone – there is no wrong way to start a journaling practice. 

Some types of journals to consider: gratitude journal, stream of consciousness, daily journal, “done list” journal.

3. Find a critical friend 

For creative professionals, it’s common to have something called a critical friend. This is someone you trust to challenge your growth and help you stay true to your ideals and goals. 

Try asking someone you trust to be your critical friend. They won’t be challenging your growth. Instead, ask them to challenge the negative self-talk that’s holding you in patterns of unhealthy growth. 

This mental health month, make one small change that makes you feel empowered to continue moving toward the healing you so deserve. When you’re getting to grips with what it is you need from therapy, or with making sense of your mental health at all, it can feel like a lot. But not everything mental health-related has to be big steps or massive change. 

You are not a transformation campaign and no one is expecting daily revelations, so please don’t ask for them from yourself. Whether you take these steps or find others that feel more authentic to you, you’re doing the work. You’ve already taken one step, right here as you read this, so the hard part is done. 

Keep going. 

If what they say is true that April showers bring May flowers, we know that will be true for your mental health too. 

We can’t wait to see you bloom.

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