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Is the Covid 19 outbreak causing you anxiety? Do you constantly worry about yourself or someone you love getting the virus? Are you watching the news or surfing the web looking for information on the virus only to have it make your anxiety worse? Is sleeping difficult because your mind is racing? If so, online therapy can help you adjust to this challenging time. Online therapy is simple to access and can be very beneficial in this time of social distancing. You don’t have to go through this alone. We are here to help.

Is Anxiety Keeping You from Enjoying Your Life?

  • Do you constantly find yourself worrying about things you cannot control?
  • Do you become anxious in social situations?
  • Are you in a constant state of feeling panicked or overwhelmed?
  • Anxiety can directly affect your mental and physical health, making it difficult to cope with daily activities.

Anxiety CounselingYou may have difficulty concentrating, resulting in a lack of productivity at work. Or perhaps you are struggling to feel confident in social situations or valued in your relationships. To try and regain a sense of control, you may have started avoiding people or events you used to enjoy. But instead of providing relief, that isolation has led to increased worry, self-doubt, and may even be contributing to feelings of depression.

Persistent anxiety can be stressful, frightening, and even paralyzing. You may find yourself too exhausted to keep up with personal and professional obligations. Even when you are able to focus at home and at work, you might second guess your performance or attitude (especially if you became irritated, frustrated, or angry in front of a friend, family member, or coworker). Making things more difficult, you may experience distressing physical symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, trouble sleeping, stomach issues, headaches, muscle tension, or a racing heart.

If you’ve lived with anxiety for an extended period of time, it can be hard to remember what it was like to live without it. Thankfully, with the help of an experienced anxiety therapist, you can develop strategies to gain back control and live a life free from debilitating fear and anxiety.

Anxiety Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Strong

Almost everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults.

Anxiety conditions occur when a person experiences disproportionate levels of distress, worry, or fear. It could be a major event, like a car accident—or it could be a seemingly small thing, like giving a bad presentation at work. Even positive changes, like getting a promotion or having a child, can become stressful and lead to feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety TherapySome degree of anxiety can be helpful—it tells us when we are in danger or when we need to make a change. But when anxiety begins to interfere with your personal and professional lifestyle and happiness, it is time to seek help.

Taking the first step toward anxiety treatment can be difficult, and you may believe that asking for support is a sign that you are not strong enough to do it on your own. But the truth is that it takes incredible strength to acknowledge there is a challenge in your life, and it is absolutely worth the effort to seek help. Just imagine waking up every morning, eager to greet the day instead of being fearful about what it might bring.

As licensed anxiety therapists, we have seen how effective treatment can be. No matter how long you have been struggling, it is possible to live your life free from the anxiety that is holding you back.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Move Forward in Your Life

Anxiety affects everyone differently, and the most effective treatment requires an approach that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. When you begin anxiety therapy at New Perspective Counseling, you’re entering a safe, supportive environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your experience without fear of judgment. Together, we will uncover thoughts and issues that are contributing to your anxiety and identify distressing symptoms that may be keeping you stuck. By taking the time to understand all the ways anxiety is affecting your life—and how it originated—we can give you the complete, personalized support and guidance you need to foster greater calm and confidence.

Anxiety counseling creates awareness of how the condition is impacting your life and provides personalized strategies to manage symptoms. Together, we’ll practice techniques and strategies—such as deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness, visualization, and physical self-care—that you can use right away to find relief from worry, panic, and stress. You can learn how to face and address feelings of anxiety before they get out of hand, all while building a sense of security and self-confidence that will help you tackle challenges in a healthy way long after we are done working together.

Anxiety CounselingWe will also take the time to explore situations that are triggering your anxiety so you can feel calm and safe without having to avoid activities you enjoy. By learning assertiveness techniques, conflict resolution, and how to set boundaries, you can break free from negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, and gain confidence in your ability to move from where you are now to where you want to be. We don’t just want you to learn how to manage anxiety symptoms in the moment; we want you to develop the skills for lasting change.

The anxiety therapy process we use at New Perspective Counseling focuses on identifying the origins of the anxiety, resolving the emotions and experiences that contribute to symptoms, and correcting negative internal dialogues and thought distortions. Getting to the root of why you are struggling and revealing the underlying reasons for the disorder can help you gain the awareness you need to recognize and handle anxiety-provoking situations. As you progress through anxiety counseling, you can gain the confidence and skills to challenge self-doubt, reduce worry, and focus on the positive.

Many of our clients tell us how relieved they are to finally have a place where they can express their feelings. When you are able to share your emotions openly and have your experience validated, you can see that you aren’t the only one who feels this way, and there is a path to hope and healing.

We have years of experience helping people not simply manage anxiety, but gain the skills and self-esteem to feel truly in control of their lives. With the right therapist and approach to treatment, you can foster the calm, confidence, and joy that you deserve.

You may be considering anxiety therapy but still have questions or concerns…

Isn’t therapy expensive?

When anxiety interferes with daily functioning, relationships, and productivity, your life is directly affected. By deciding to invest in yourself, you are creating a chance at a life complete with confidence, happiness, and contentment for both you and your loved ones. At New Perspective Counseling, we also accept most insurance plans to help defer the costs.

Doesn’t anxiety counseling take a long time to see results?

Anxiety TreatmentMost people with anxiety disorders can experience durable and long-lasting improvements with professional treatment. Every person is unique and the length of anxiety therapy depends on several factors. The calm, supportive, and compassionate setting of therapy allows some people to find relief in only a few sessions. Others need help responding to deeper issues or related concerns and may continue in therapy for a longer period of time. Regardless of how many sessions you wish to attend, the most important step on your path to healing is to find a therapist you trust and an approach that helps you feel calm and confident.

I’m afraid people will think there’s something really wrong with me if I enter anxiety therapy.

This is a common fear for people with anxiety disorders. Our sessions will allow you to express yourself in a non-judgmental, confidential, and safe space. You will be able to work through and understand the issues surrounding your anxiety without having to fear conflict or rejection.

Won’t talking about my anxiety just make it worse?

Talking about your anxiety face to face with a qualified professional allows for a nurturing place to combat the underlying concerns. During treatment, your fears can be brought out into the open in a safe space. You can explore and get to the heart of the issues while gaining insight and limiting the negative thoughts associated with anxiety. And as you take power away from anxious thinking, you can create new beliefs and positive thought patterns for long-term resolution.

You Can Take Back Control

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