EMDR Therapy

Are you considering EMDR therapy?

Have you been to one or more therapists trying to sort out unresolved issues and traumas? Do you find talking about your pain and difficult memories does not help and may even make you feel worse? Do you feel trapped by past events or even defined by it?

It can be a challenge to live in the here and now when you feel anxious about what might happen or are ruminating about the past. You may find yourself using avoidance, risk-taking or even numbing behaviors just to find some relief. You want to live in the present, experiencing a range of healthy emotions and engaged in fulfilling relationships and activities.

The good news is you can get the help you need.

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What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR is well established and researched treatment that is effective in releasing trauma and pain from both the body and the mind. Often the brain stores traumatic events in a way that can keep a person feeling like they are constantly reliving the events or emotions/reactions associated with the events(s). EMDR therapy helps to process the memories so they will be stored correctly and allow your body and brain to know you are no longer in danger.

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What can I expect during an EMDR session?

You will start by meeting with your therapist. Together you will prepare by talking about the presenting problem, memory or symptom you want to address. During the session a bilateral stimulation such as eye movements (moving eyes from left to right) and/ or tapping (using your hands to tap on alternate knees or shoulders) will be used.

While this is happening, your therapist will guide you in focusing on the thoughts, feelings, images and sensations associated with the memory. This movement helps to correctly refile the memory and all the associated sensations. EMDR therapy is a sort of key that then allows the brain to be unlocked gaining new insights and perspectives.

Many people report feeling better and alleviation of their symptoms in as little as 6-8 sessions. Of course, everyone is different and there is no guarantee, however therapists and clients alike are continually amazed at how effective EMDR is.

To schedule an appointment, call our office (248) 563-0587 or complete our appointment request form.

Can EMDR therapy be provided online?

Yes, it can. Throughout the pandemic our EMDR therapists have provided EMDR therapy to many individuals. Overall, it was just as effective and, in some cases, more effective than in the office. Online therapy allows the client to receive services in a familiar and comfortable setting.

Is EMDR therapy only effective with trauma?

EMDR therapy is proving to be effective in treating many problems including:

  • Somatic Disorders
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Addictions
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Vicarious Trauma

HOW Do I start?

To start EMDR therapy or if you have more questions just call (248) 563-0587 our office or request an appointment.