Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Do you have a sense of underachievement?
  • Do you struggle with chronic procrastination or trouble getting started?
  • Do you have many projects going at once with few completed?
  • Are you on a frequent search for high stimulation?
  • Do you “hyperfocus” on tasks of high interest, while struggling to attend to tasks of low interest?
  • Were you diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as a child but not treated?

While typically thought of as a disorder of childhood, some people with ADD or ADHD do not outgrow it. Undiagnosed and untreated adult ADD can lead to difficulty at work and at home. The adult with ADD often has to put a great deal of energy into getting places on time and may still end up late, have difficulty with organization and trouble following proper procedures. Those closest to the person with ADD are often frustrated with their lack of attention. They often worry endlessly. In fact, many adults with ADD first seek treatment due to anxiety.


Our therapist Antoinette Peterson, MSW, LMSW has received advanced training in the identification and treatment of ADD from Edward M. Hallowell M.D., who has led the way in this area. Treatment requires a thorough assessment to make a proper diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, we work with our clients on the best route to follow. There are many options including medication, supplements, diet and exercise. Education is important in understanding the symptoms of ADD for both the client but also for those who live with them. Often for the undiagnosed person, symptoms have been interpreted as character traits by those closest to them. For example, their not listening is interpreted as not caring as opposed to a processing issue. From there, strategies are developed that help the client move forward in their life.

One final note…we have found that most adults with ADD have many positive attributes. They are intelligent, creative and they can think and problem solve outside the box. All of these attributes can really shine through once the ADD is treated.

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