Do you accept insurance?

Yes, most insurances are accepted. We also bill insurance companies for you.

What happens in the first session?

The first session gives us an opportunity to get to know one another and to talk about your concerns. Typically we will discuss how long you have been feeling the way you are feeling or how long the problem has existed. We will also discuss anything you have tried that has helped or perhaps made things worse. Depending on the nature of the problem this process may take a couple of sessions, but the result is we work together to create a plan to address the problems and make the changes you want.

How frequently will I have to attend therapy?

Typically a minimum of once a week is recommended as it is most effective. Therapy gives you insight but also teaches you new skills. Just like learning any new skill it takes practice. Regular sessions help you integrate these changes into your everyday life and thinking. As progress is made sessions decrease in frequency until the goals you identified are met.

I have a marital or family problem but I’m the only one who is willing to get help? Will coming alone make a difference?

Absolutely! Significant improvements can happen with only one person in treatment. By making changes and learning new skills you can change your role in the problem or how you react to the problem. As the saying goes “It takes two to tango.” If you are no longer doing the dance with either your partner or child it can significantly alter the dynamic in the relationship. Sometimes it will lead the other person or persons agreeing to treatment.

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