Teen Depression Therapy

Are You Worried Your Teenager May Be Depressed?

  • Are you concerned that your teenager’s mood swings may be a sign of depression?
  • Is your teen quick to overreact to a situation or are they sad and withdrawn?
  • Has your son or daughter lost interest in the activities they once enjoyed or has their academic performance declined?

As a parent, it is difficult to see your child struggle emotionally and maybe even experience depression. You may feel helpless because no matter what you do or say it never seems to be the right thing. You may even experience frustration or sadness seeing your once happy child struggling.

Is It Teenage Depression or Just a Stage?

There is a lot to manage in adolescence: physical changes, increased academic expectations and more complex peer relationships all while trying to become increasingly independent. Stress can lead to social withdrawal and irritability in even the most well-adjusted teen. However, if it seems like your teen does not bounce back from setbacks or has a persistent sad mood, then they may have depression. Parents have a front-row seat to their sons and daughters life’s and moods so if you are concerned that your teen may be experiencing depression then there is a good chance they are.

teen depression therapy

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How Teen Depression Treatment Can Help

At New Perspective Counseling your adolescent will meet with one of our therapists who will create a safe place for him or her so they can:

  • Talk about the sometimes painful experiences around adolescence
  • Learn to manage a range of emotions and healthy ways of processing and expressing them.
  • Develop skills for coping with disappointments, conflict and stress that are part of life.
  • Learn tools to improve self-esteem and self awareness that will help him or her to build a more positve outlook and life.

Depression Therapy for teens can be very beneficial and effective. It provides your teen the opportunity to learn healthy coping strategies that they can use throughout their life as well as developing a stronger sense of themselves and their strengths. If you are worried about your teenager please give us a call. We are here to help.

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