New Perspective Counseling introduces: Coping with Confidence

Coping With Confidence

As mothers, we can all relate through personal experiences (or stories) of how tough high school years can be and struggling with confidence. Can you sense that your teen daughter struggles with isolation and feelings of hopelessness? Have you noticed self-harming, self-destructive, or impulsive behaviors? You know her best, and can just feel that she’s constantly on edge, anxious, and stuck in her head. We’re here for you, and especially her to feel more hopeful. Just know she’s not alone! Emotions for teens can be very overwhelming- even to the point where it feels all-consuming.   

Coping with Confidence is a Therapy Group for High School-aged girls just trying to navigate their way through today’s complex world. Participants of this group will learn skills such as; mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. How exactly will these skills benefit your daughter? She will learn and develop the ability to “live in the moment”, (as many like to call it), while understanding and managing her intense emotions that may be causing distress in many aspects of her life. Through this group therapy, she’ll increase her tolerance of negative emotions, and gain techniques to help strengthen relationships in healthy and assertive ways. Gaining a higher level of self-confidence and an understanding of how to cope with emotions will truly help her embrace her full potential. 

Save the Dates: November 7th – December 19th, 2023 📆
We’re thrilled to announce that Coping with Confidence is making a triumphant return!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Sessions Included! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
This time around, we’re introducing an exciting addition – 2 Family Sessions! These sessions are designed to help families better understand their teenagers, fostering deeper connections and support for their unique journey.
👩‍🎓 Geared Toward Teenagers 👨‍🎓
Coping with Confidence is tailored for teenagers to help them develop healthy coping mechanisms, making their journey into adulthood smoother and more confident. 🌈
💰 All This at an Incredible Value: $470 💰
Join us for an unforgettable journey towards empowerment and self-assurance without breaking the bank. At just $470, you get access to the full Coping with Confidence program, including the enlightening family sessions.
Spaces are limited, so don’t wait!
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Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and be ready to embark on a transformational experience. Take that step towards a more confident teen and build stronger family bonds through understanding.
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For more details or to register, you can contact us at  (248) 563-0587,, or visit our website at and click the “Make an Appointment” button in the top right corner! 

Sometimes it feels out of your control despite all the help and care you provide, which is exactly why we’re here. Discover there is beauty in the mess, and allow a little extra support to take any weight off your shoulders. Building confidence and developing these skills may just be the thing she needs to continue navigating the complicated journey of high school.

We’re here for you, and can’t wait to hear from you!