Five Ways You Can Benefit From Talk Therapy

As Mental Health Awareness Month continues, we are excited to talk more about how therapy can benefit you. No matter your age or background, therapy has both short and long-term benefits that go far beyond treating a mental illness. Speaking with a licensed therapist can help you cope with stressors, goals, past trauma, and various other aspects of your everyday experience. There are many different types and techniques used in therapy, but they all share the same goal of helping to  improve your life. 

This week, we will be exploring a few of the benefits you could experience through talk therapy. Read on to learn more.

Develop Coping Skills

Coping skills are a helpful and necessary part of life, as we are constantly faced with obstacles that require us to manage stress and adapt to change.Therapy can be a critical tool in helping you develop your ability to solve problems positively and productively. When you have the strategies you need to work through various struggles, you will be better-equipped in the long run to overcome the things holding you back in life and achieve your goals. 

Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

Not only does therapy improve your mental health, it also improves your physical health. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), talk therapy can help reduce disability, morbidity, and mortality. It also has been shown to improve work functioning and decrease psychiatric hospitalization. Additionally, research has demonstrated that roughly 75% of people who receive therapy experience some sort of mental or physical benefit from it. 

Uncover New Insights

Working with a therapist allows you to dig deeper into your past experiences, present situation, and future goals. Consequently, this could lead you to uncover aspects of yourself that have perhaps caused you harm in the past, such as certain patterns of thought or behavior.  

Understanding these can help you move forward and develop more positive behaviors in the future. 

Strengthen Relationships

By providing you with the tools to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and set healthy boundaries, therapy ultimately allows you to have better relationships with those in your life. Gaining insight into your own behavior is almost inevitable in therapy, and this newfound self-awareness can help further foster more satisfying relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Personal Growth

The support and perspective provided by a therapist can be an enormous catalyst for personal growth. Sometimes, all we need is to feel seen and understood, and by talking to a licensed professional you take one step toward growing as an individual– whether that be achieving personal or professional goals, improving your relationships, working through past trauma, or addressing other aspects of you life that you would like to work on.

New Perspective Counseling is Here to Help

Taking the first step and making an appointment to speak with a therapist can feel overwhelming. However, it is in the first session where the healing and change begins. After a session with one of the therapists at New Perspective Counseling,  you will hopefully leave with:

  • A sense of relief knowing your concerns were heard and understood
  • Insight into factors contributing to the problem.
  • Practical steps you can begin taking to ease your distress and address the problem.
  • A sense of hope that things will improve

As the therapeutic process continues you will continue to gain confidence in your ability to make change and reach your potential. Schedule your first appointment with us today.