10 Ways to Support your Mental Health This Month

At New Perspective Counseling, we are committed to providing caring, professional and effective services and resources to promote your mental wellness.This May, we are excited to continue sharing resources and tips for how to support your mental health. This month provides an excellent opportunity to think about simple, everyday ways you can work to improve your overall well-being, and in this week’s blog, we will go over ten easy ways to support your mental health. 

  1.  Exercise. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can help boost your mood and significantly improve your mental and physical health. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense or physically demanding, either. Starting with low impact activities like a walk around your neighborhood is a great first step to developing a regular exercise routine.
  2. Sleep. It is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. If you struggle to regularly get enough sleep, consider sticking to a schedule. Additionally, you can help improve your sleep by limiting screen time before going to bed. 
  3. Eat healthy meals and stay hydrated. Drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet are two great ways to keep up your energy and focus throughout the day. Additionally, limiting certain beverages such as alcohol or caffeine can be beneficial for your sleep, mood, and overall well being. 
  4. Practice gratitude. Reflecting on, or even writing down, things that you are grateful for each day can be an excellent practice to improve your mental health. When you recognize the positive aspects in your life, it becomes more difficult to ruminate on the negative and consequently, you may start to see improvements across different areas of your life. 
  5. Connect with others. Scheduling plans with friends, making phone calls to loved ones, or even just spending time with people in your community through hobbies or volunteer work are all great ways to build relationships. By forming and strengthening your bonds with others, you can build communities that also serve as systems of emotional support in times of need. 
  6. Try something new. Cook a different recipe, learn to play an instrument, or even visit somewhere near your home that you have never been before. Introducing novelty into your everyday routine is an excellent tool for sustaining overall well-being. 
  7. Take a screen break. Even just 20 minutes of screen-free time can help you recenter and focus on the present moment. 
  8. Try a relaxing activity. Yoga, mediation, or any other mindfulness practice are all great ways to reduce stress. 
  9. Do an activity or hobby you enjoy. Listen to music, garden, read a book, take a hike — do whatever brings you joy. Prioritizing your favorite activities can help boost your mood, build your confidence, and even change the course of your whole day! 
  10. Seek help if you need it. Taking the first step and making an appointment to speak with a therapist can feel overwhelming. However, it is in the first session where the healing and change begins. New Perspective Counseling is here to help.