Dave Morantes, LLMSW

Dave Morantes, LLMSW

Dave specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance use and ADHD. While he works with children, teens and adults, Dave has a special aptitude for working with adolescent and young adult males. In sessions Dave uses a variety of approaches including CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), motivational interviewing techniques and interpersonal resolution skills. However, Dave’s main approach is genuine concern for the human heart and this comes through in his work with clients. He believes it is the spirit of the person that drives the life experiences. 

Dave takes relationships seriously, including the therapeutic relationship, recognizing they grow through effort and work. He helps clients to develop and strengthen relationships that give deeper meaning and purpose to life.  

Dave graduated from Michigan State University with a master’s degree in Social Work and an addiction certification. He currently holds a Limited License as a Master of Social Work. He is also ordained as a chaplain and has experience with a brief pastoral counseling model. 

When he is not working with clients at New Perspective Counseling, Dave can be found spending time with his wife and their four children. He is passionate about the outdoors and embracing human relationships.