Do you find it takes a great deal of effort to get out of the bed in the morning?
Are you tired all day but unable to sleep at night?
Do you have trouble completing tasks because you can't focus?
Are you irritable? 
Do you no longer enjoy the things that used to give you pleasure?
Do you feel hopeless and that life is too much effort?

If you feel lost, hopeless, isolated and overwhelmed you may be suffering from depression.  Toughing it out or trying to snap out of it does not work for depression.  Counseling for depression does make a difference.  If you think or know you are depressed I can help.

Depression can result from a single major traumatic or stressful event in your life or may develop over a lifetime from numerous disappointments and problems.  Even an event that is typically viewed as joyful, such as the birth of a child, can lead to depression (see information on postpartum depression).

In sessions we will get to the bottom of the causes of your depression. You will learn to: 

Correct distorted thinking
Learn to effectively deal with tough situations and difficult people. 
Express feelings such as anger so you stop internalizing your feelings
Make behavioral changes that will improve your outlook. 

You will regain a sense of hope and restore your ability to experience happiness in your life.

You need not suffer endlessly.  Relief is waiting for you!

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   Outsmart anxiety, stress and depression
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