Trauma Therapy

If you have suffered a traumatic or stressful event recently or as far back as childhood and are:
Having trouble functioning at home or work
Experiencing terrifying memories or flashbacks of the event(s)
Avoiding things and places that remind you of the trauma
Emotionally numb and disconnected from others
Suffering from severe fear, anxiety or depression
Using drugs or alcohol to feel better
Burdened with guilt or self-blame about the trauma

Then it is imperative that you seek help as you may
 be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
 (PTSD) or having trauma reactions.  

Examples of traumatic experiences include:
Sudden or violent death of a loved one
Verbal, physical or sexual abuse
Car accident
A natural disaster
Discovery of a life threatening illness

When treating people who have been traumatized their therapist will guide them through a process of healing and education.  A person who is suffering from Trauma/PTSD may feel as if they "are going crazy".  That is why it is important that they receive education about PTSD and understand its effect but most importantly realize that they will get better. An important part of healing is addressing the symptoms and processing the feelings related to the trauma.  Trauma can also shatter a person's sense of safety and trust in others so building or rebuilding the ability to trust other people is a key part of treatment.

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