Postpartum Depression

Has your pregnancy or the birth of your child brought you
 sadness instead of joy?
Are you anxious? Have you been crying?
Are things different than you expected as a new mom?
Did things change after you became a new mom?

If so, you should seek professional help to determine if you have
postpartum or perinatal depression. (Perinatal depression  refers 
to depression experienced during pregnancy and up to a year after
the birth of the child).  Postpartum depression and perinatal                                                    depression are often caused by hormonal changes due to the                                                      pregnancy.  

Our staff is certified by Postpartum Support International in 
assessing and providing counseling for perinatal depression and 
can help. Proper medical care, supportive counseling and 
education about perinatal or postpartum depression are all 
important in parts of treatment.

If you are suffering from perinatal or postpartum depression you need to remember:
It's not your fault
There is help
With help you will get better

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