Family Counseling/ Family Therapy

Is your child or adolescent having difficulty in school?

Are your children having a difficult time adjusting to a divorce or separation?

Are you and your spouse not on the same page when it comes to parenting?

Do your children constantly fight with one another?

Does it feel like your kids are out of control?  Do they only listen when you yell?

Family therapy can help with these problems so you can experience a peaceful home.   Each individual of a family makes up a part of the whole, so what happens to one or two member effects the entire family.  For example, constant arguing between an adolescent child and parents will also impact younger children in the family.  In family therapy, family members work together to reconnect, strengthen existing resources and find solutions to tough problems.  Family therapy works because families and the relationships within them are the most powerful agents for change.  

Help with Parenting
Often family therapy involves the parents learning new parenting techniques. Its about learning to talk so your kids will listen.  Raising children is a tough job and as the saying goes "kids don't come with directions". Some of us do what our parents did, others make an effort to do the exact opposite.  In either case when it doesn't work we are at a loss.  Learning new parenting techniques requires: 
  • an understanding of child development 
  • building skills that help the parents 
        strengthen their connection to their children
  • establishing clear expectations  
  • setting and following through with limits.   

"Family therapy works because it is 
reality.  The greatest support a child
can get is from the family"
                        Arthur Maslow
                        Ackerman Institute for the Family

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