Addiction/Substance Abuse.

Is your alcohol or marijuana use causing you 
problems at home or work?

Has your drinking led to a DUI and costly legal fees?

Are you drinking to manage anxiety, depression or 

Has your spouse threatened to leave you if you don't 
stop drinking or using drugs?

If you suspect you have a problem with alcohol, marijuana or 
other drugs that is harming you and the people you love, 
there is help.   You can get help with your problem of alcohol
or drug abuse in a confidential and therapeutic environment, 
where you are treated as an individual. 

Treatment consists of examining emotional triggers from the
past and present that reinforce your use of drugs or alcohol.
It also consists of coping skills training to find ways to 
effectively cope with situations feelings and behaviors related 
to your substance abuse.

You can let go of the regret and guilt and have your life back.

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 Relief  from  anxiety, stress and depression
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